Stay connected with Office productivity softwares during Covid-19

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With a promise to keep you all intact and connected with Office productivity software in these quarantine days, Microsoft Office has launched many updates so that you can work smoothly while remotely connected. According to the COVID-19 updates, the organizations are looking for easy and convenient ways to support their workers and maintain business operations. Microsoft understands the importance of the same and it takes this task as a mission to empower everyone and every single organization on the planet to strive more during COVID-19 pandemics.

Whether you are newly appointed to a post or an experience holder, everyone needs to work from home and like Microsoft Teams application software there are many other Office apps that are eligible to support your work during COVID-19 news is all across the globe. Here, you will get the updates about the Productivity Softwares during COVID-19. Stay tuned for the latest COVID-19 update news.

  • Staying connected remotely: The virtual 1:1 meet or a group meeting is possible. You can even broadcast messages in a secured and collaborative way despite the location. This is only, possible with Microsoft Teams, where you can avail of the free trial offer with Office 365.
  • Easy accessibility of Office applications anytime anywhere: With Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, you can get secured remote access and the control on data, apps. Resources that are hosted on the work device. Moreover, you will get the credits and specialized partner support related to app usage.
  • Keep your Office work apps and do the business during outages: Make sure that the business continuity never breaks. It stays secured with disaster recovery without any additional expense of the building a secondary IT infrastructure. All that you can do with Azure Disaster recovery and moreover, you can avail of a 1-month free application for free along with partner support.
  • Protection of your business assets: With Microsoft Azure Security you can make remote working more secure and protected. Yore can also safeguard your business against viruses, spyware, and other respective malicious software. Moreover, you can get credits and specialized partner support with the software.
  • Equip your Workforce with best in class devices: You can enable your workforce to do work from anywhere while keeping your business-related transactions secured and intact with best-in-class infrastructure. You can do it with Microsoft Surface devices.
  • Microsoft eBook business continuity: You can help yourself or the organization you are working in. Just tackle these challenging times with MS Office solutions by downloading Microsoft eBook.

What are the top 10 Office Productivity Softwares during COVID-19?

Here are Windows 10 Office productivity software during the COVID 19 that you can easily opt for the easily secured work from home:

  1. Remote healthcare solutions: Microsoft Teams for Healthcare adoption, Azure Bot services.
  2. Remote learning: With Microsoft remote learning you will get ready to use intelligent teaching and learning platforms.
  3. Citizen and customer services: Helping you to respond to customer queries.
  4. Digital inclusion: Microsoft Accessibility by design, accessibility Learning Webinar series.
  5. Remote HR management: Creating a workplace where people can succeed.
  6. Digi-markets and e-commerce: Protecting customers during online transactions.
  7. Digitalized and modern supply chain: Supply chain management, predictive analytics, keeping workers connected round the clock.
  8. Intelligent security: Plan and deploy identity infrastructure, Security vision paper.
  9. MS Office technical support: For the business and for the Fastrack.
  10. Apps to work: Offering vulnerable discounts and the offerings on the Office applications that are much in use in today’s time and as COVID-19 update follows.

Final thoughts: MS Office team is working with the customers round the clock to make sure that your business continues through these Covid-19 news updates.

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