is one stop for all your services related or linked to Microsoft profile. As we all know that PCs running on Microsoft Windows OS are very popular and easy to use. Besides providing computer operating systems, Microsoft has many apps (or software) that run on its system. Mostly all of them are free to use but a handful of them have subscription-based paid options like MS Office 365 and Skype.

How To Create an MS Account by visit:-

Once you visit through your web browser, follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to create and manage your Microsoft account and related subscriptions.

  1. Click on “Create One”
  2. A new page will open, that will be titled “Create an account,” here enter your email address and then click on “Next”
  3. The next page will read “Create a Password” where you have to create a strong password and then click on next.”
  4. Now the new page that reads “Verify Email” is important because it will send an email to you with a code which you will have to fill in and then click “next”
  5. On this page, you will input the 4-digit numerical code received by you on your email. Again click “Next.”
  6. This is the final step; here you will see wired looking jumbled alphabets, you just need to type the same alphabets in the space provided below and click “Next.”
  7. You’ve successfully created the Microsoft Account!

Microsoft account is a dashboard where you can access all the subscriptions and services that it offers. At present there are six services offered, so let’s learn about them one by one.

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based office suite, although it was very similar to the suite of MS office that comes with the package of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, etc. The only differentiating point is that in an office setup 365 subscriptions, one can work simultaneously with other colleagues on the same file together and the files can be accessed from other locations apart from the device on which it was downloaded before. Also, it comes bundled with extra online storage of 6 TB that can be shared by six users i.e. limited to 1 TB of storage for each user.

Xbox Live

Xbox is a gaming service offered by Microsoft to play games on PCs and gaming console for smart TVs. Xbox comes in both free and premium subscription plans where there are single and multi-player games which can be played offline and even with online gamers. Also, many games are free and a few can be purchased. Apart from this, Xbox offers services like Game Pass and Xbox Gold membership with benefits like unlimited gaming or even member discounts ranging from 50 to 70 percent discounts.

Office Online

This is a free service to use office apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. that can be used by everyone who as a Microsoft account. In other words, this is a stripped-down version of Office 365 with many basic but useful features. This free version of Office Online will be bundled with 5 GB of storage.


OneDrive is an online (cloud) storage service offered by Microsoft to all its account users. The service can be used to store your personal data like photos, videos, and files for up to 5 GB at no cost. But then there are various subscription plans available for home and business use. Other personal plans include storage of up to 100 GB, 1 TB and up to 6 TB for home-usage. The more expensive plans you buy, the more features are provided in the subscription.


We all know about Skype and surely you must have used it at least once till date. So, just to recall, Skype is among the first apps that were and is still used to make voice or video calls and conduct video conferences by using an internet connection. Skype is a freemium app wherein any kind of communication between Skype users is free (limited users) and voice calls to mobile phone and landline numbers are chargeable and this can be done by buying Skype credits. The app is available on all major PC and mobile operating systems like android, iOS, Mac OS and Linux.


Outlook or is a free online tool to manage your mail, calendar and contacts. Users can also download Outlook app on their smartphones running on Android and iOS or simply access it through the web.

There is an extra feature in Outlook that you may love which is to sync your Yahoo or Google mail account within this email client. This means you can access and manage all your e-mails from other service providers and that too all under one roof.

The calendar feature of Outlook is also very helpful in managing your events, setting up reminders and syncing them with the email account. Further, the “People” section helps you maintain and manage your contacts by filling in their contact details, professional details and also important dates like their birthdays or anniversaries. These dates automatically sync with the calendar and remind you of those important dates. not only lets you manage your service and subscriptions but helps to manage your Microsoft account’s security. Users can change their password, update primary and secondary e-mail addresses, add, change or remove mobile numbers for recovery of your account in case a user forgot his/her password.

So, by visiting you can create and manage your online presence with a lot of important features and in-built apps that make your life easy.